I’ve resisted a ‘blog before because I couldn’t really see what I had to add to the great big world of ‘bloggery, and still recognise that what I add isn’t a huge amount.

But I’ve decided to do so now for two reasons.

Firstly, I’m about to join in a really exciting learning exchange in the UK, and this is a good way of getting info back to ‘my’ people.  Secondly, I’ve benefited heaps from reading other people’s ‘blog work and feel it’s time to make my own contribution, hopefully it will be interesting to other people.

The learning adventure is called “Weaving Connections”, and has two parts, both in England.  The first part is an immersion experience into social enterprise and social entrepreneurism.  This is all about using all the resources available within the wider community, including business principles and strategy and  to build connections between individuals and groups.  The aim is to enrich and strengthen the well-being, resilience and assets of the local community, so that it helps itself to grow.  This trip will engage social enterprise and entrepreneurism in dialogue with our christian framework, and explore the possibilities for local churches in all of this, particularly as catalyst for rich conversation within the community.  Much of our time will be spent in and around Bromley-by-Bow in London’s east end, where some great work in this area has happened over the last 25+ years, under the leadership of Rev Lord Andrew Mawson.

The second part of the trip will be centred around Ridley Hall, Cambridge, for the First International Conference on Fresh Expressions of Church.  Details are still emerging about what this will look like.  But I’m really excited about the opportunity to listen and talk with others who share my passion for communities of faith living in today’s culture in life-giving ways ~ which, after all, is what Jesus was on about!

I’m looking forward to sharing the experience of this trip, and the adventures which will follow…          Rod Peppiatt


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Hi Rod,

    I’m looking forward to following your blog and learning lots from you musing and your travels. All the best for the trip and the blog

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