Another interesting day today, and the ‘official’ beginning of the tour over dinner at the Albert Hotel, Westminster.  This will be brief, we are heading to Canterbury very early tomorrow morning, to spend time with Prof Robin Gill, theologian and sociologist, at the University of Kent.  Should be good!

Today some of us spent the day together, beginning with a visit to St Paul’s Cathedral.  It was architecturally awe inspiring, but didn’t really fire me up spiritually or emotionally until we came across a sculpture by Henry Moore called Mother and Child.  This was truly beautiful piece, that just grabbed our attention.

(click for larger image)  What struck me most was how in contrast to everything around it it seemed and felt.  It was a very powerful image, and for me a very spiritual one.

We spent time at the Borough food markets near Southwark, and enjoyed further opportunity to simply soak up what we were seeing and experiencing.  I was really glad for the company, thoughts and wisdom of my colleagues as we worked out what was what.  A visit to the Tate Modern gallery, or small part thereof, rounded out the day nicely before we headed to the Albert to meet the rest of the group.Having not long ago walked back from there, it’s now time for bed, before the work begins in earnest tomorrow!

Blessings, Rod


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  1. What a wonderful start to a special journey Rod. And I am sure it will get better. Take care and enjoy every minute. DP

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