About Me…

‘barefootonholyground’ is to be a record of one person’s unfolding experience of life and christian faith.

My name is Rod Peppiatt, and I have been immersed in the life of Christian community for pretty much all of my life.I have been a Minister within the Uniting Church in Australia for the last 15 years, and a son, brother, husband and dad for longer than that.

I sit within the life of church with a restless passion, loving much of the tradition that has nurtured me, and convinced that the best way to honour that is to build new ways of being church for our time and beyond.

The title of this ‘blog draws on one of my sacred stories, told as an encounter between G.O.D. and Moses, found in the book of Exodus.  In this encounter Moses is commanded “take off your shoes, for you are standing on holy ground”.

I have always understood this to be a command that Moses must not defile holy ground with his grotty old sandals.  Recently a wise person helped me to the discovery that what may be equally true is that Moses was being told to take of his sandals so that he could FEEL holy ground!  This might sound pedantic, but it was for me an incredible invitation to experience the mystery I call G.O.D., and to be open to G.O.D.’s spirit in a very fresh new way.    And ‘adventures’ is proving to be a good word for that…

PS when I write the holy name as I do, it is a reminder to me that whenever I use the letters G, O & D in that order, I am speaking symbolically of a presence in all life that is way beyond my ability to adequately name it!


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